Bride and Groom Entry

Bride and Groom Entry

It’s the moment everyone is waiting for. The moment when the traditional ceremonies and rituals end and the real fun begins. As the bride and groom entry takes place into the wedding venue hand-in-hand, it only makes sense to make it a spectacle that no one will forget. So we give you amazing ideas that can make the bride and groom entry super fun and super awesome!


bride and groom entry

Since it’s their big day, the entry has to be a grand one. To make the bride and groom’s most important walk of life, even more, grander and classier, Vibes has designed some exquisite themes. From walking on ramp flanked by the diyas to kathak dancers creating a formation to welcoming the couple with sparkle and sprinkle showered by the relatives to the dreamy fairytale-like chariot, we have plenty of designs. We will compile the list of your favorite songs and make something good out of it. You just to tell what actually is your idea of a perfect entry and we will create something never seen before.

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Bride Entry 1
Bride Entry 2
Bride Entry 4

An Indian wedding is not just a ceremony, it is an extravaganza that envelopes much more than the conventional rituals. It involves stupendous music, groundbreaking dances, a drama with a plethora of characters, and of course the bonding of two families for generations to come. A wedding in India is probably the most expensive celebration, not only in the lives of the bride and the groom but also of their parents and closed ones.